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Bonsai Tools
Bogan's Bonsai stocks a large supply of Joshua Roth and Ryuga tools.
RC-01 Satsuki Shasta Shear
A fine shear for trimming buds and reaching deep with minimum disturbance to surrounding foliage
179mm $ 29.95
RC-04 Ohkubo Hasami Shear
Traditional style tool which is used as a combination garden, flower, Ikebana, or bonsai shear.
190mm $ 29.95
RC-02 Kiri Shasta Shear
Similar to the Satsuki shear, but has a little narrower body and a little more length
208mm $ 29.95
RC-05 Standard wire pliers
208mm $39.95
RC-06-S Concave Cutter
Concave branch cutter with spring assist closure for ease of use.
203mm $ 49.95
RC-09 Spherical knob cutter, similar to RC-08S,but smaller in size.
179mm $ 49.95
Ryuga (Teeth of the Dragon) bonsai tools are premium quality, with Japanese standard, but with the advantage of lower Chinese production cost.
RYUGA also gives a two years quality guarantee of free replacement for any quality defect on all of its products.
RC-03 Ashinaga Shear
a basic tool for thinning and defoliating bonsai
201mm $ 29.95
RC-07 Small Concave Cutter
170mm $ 47.95
RC-08S Spherical Knob Cutter
Designed for removing trunk knobs and roots. They produce a hollow, circular cut that heals quickly and with a minimum of scarring, with spring assist for ease of use
210mm $ 57.95
RC-10 Wire cutter
208mm $ 49.95
RC-11 Wire cutter
180mm $ 44.95
RC- 12S Concave Branch Cutter with spring assist
205mm $ 59.95
RS-01 Stainless-Steel
Satsuki Hasami Shear
The long, narrow body and is fine for trimming buds.
179mm $ 54.95
RC-14 Trunk Splitter
Designed to split truncks with minimum damage
269mm $ 79.95
RC-15 Trunk Splitter
206mm $ 59.95
RC-21 Three-in-one Shear
210mm $45.95
RS-02 Stainless-steel
Kiri Hasami Shear
208mm $ 57.95
RS-03 Stainless-steel
Ashinaga Shear
201mm $ 57.95
RS-04 .Stainless-steel
Ohkubo Hasami Shear
190mm $ 57.95
RS-05 Stainless-Steel
Wire Pliers
208mm $ 59.95
RS-06-S Stainless-Steel
Concave Cutter with spring
203mm $ 84.95
RS-07 Stainless-Steel
Concave Cutter
170mm $ 69.95
RS-08-S Stainless-Steel
Knob Cutter with Spring
210mm $ 84.95
RS-09 Stainless-Steel
Knob Cutter
179mm $ 74.95
RS-10 Stainless-Steel
Wire Cutter
208mm $ 74.95
RS-11 Stainless-Steel
Wire Cutter
180mm $ 69.95
RS-12 S Stainless-Steel
Concave Cutter w/ Spring assist
205mm $ 89.95
RS-13 Stainless-Steel
Spherical Concave Cutter
180mm $ 74.95
RS-14 Stainless-Steel
Trunk Splitter
206mm $ 77.95
RS-15C Stainless-Steel Tweezers/Spatula
210mm $ 9.95
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