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Green Dream Fertilizer

 100% organic pelleted fertilizer for bonsai.
Unlike imported organic pellets that persist for months without breaking down, Green Dream is designed to release most of its nutrients over a period of four to six weeks (with the N released sooner than the P or K), giving your trees the nutrients they need when they need it.
Available in 2lb, 1lb and 8oz sizes.

8 oz        $   6.95

1 lb          $ 12.95

2 lb         $  17.95



 Bonsai soil is virtually inert, containing little or no nutrient value. Similarly, most fertilizers contain adequate amounts of the three major nutrients (NPK: nitrogen phosphorus and potassium) but they usually lack the essential micronutrients. Although only needed in minute quantities, micronutrients are indispensable to a tree's well-being. Many of the worrying problems we see in our trees from time to time can be attributed to a deficiency of one or more micronutrienT.

MicroTotal contains eight essential chelated micronutrients: Magnesium (Mg), Sulphur (S), Boron (B), Copper (Cu), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Molebdenum (Mo) and Zinc (Zn), in a formula that is extremely effective when applied as a foliar spray, or can be used as a soil drench during normal watering.
Available in 8oz bottles

8 oz      $ 17.95


 Nitrogen-free fertilizer for bonsai
0-10-10 has for years been recommended by bonsai experts for manipulating growth in a number of ways:
> Spring feeding pines with 0-10-10 will help reduce needle length and candle extension, and encourages sturdy shoots.
> Mid- to late summer application of 0-10-10 will help flower bud set on spring flowering species such as azalea, crab apple, cherry, wisteria, etc.
> Fall feeding all trees with 0-10-10 will help to prevent unseasonal soft growth that will not withstand winter, and will increase cold hardiness of the roots.
Available in 8oz bottles 

8 oz     $ 14.95


 Live spores of 15 species of Mycorrhizal fungi
Virtually all plants in nature form mycorrhizal relationships with subterranean fungi which benefit them by increasing the plants' ability to gather moisture and nutrients. Research has shown clearly that plants growing with mycorrhiza in the soil grow more strongly, are more resistant to stress and disease, and are more tolerant of drought.

MYCONOX contains the spores of no fewer than fifteen species of mycorrhizal fungus, which guarantees that whatever species you grow, there will be at least one species of fungus that will benefit your bonsai - and your flower or vegetable garden too!

60cc jar contains enough inoculant to treat up to 60 containers. 

Myconox     $ 14.95


Jin Seal

 Traditional treatment for preserving and bleaching deadwood on bonsai
Apply undiluted to dampened deadwood with a synthetic bristle artist's brush. Best results are obtained when applied in full sun. Remove excess from bark immediately with a damp cloth or paper towel.
Available in 3oz bottles 

3 oz        $ 6.00